Mat Care

You can lightly clean your TPE yoga mat after every practice or conduct a more extensive cleaning once a week or whenever necessary using a couple different methods. Do not use a washing machine or dryer.


Option 01 Mix to dilute a small amount of mild soap or laundry detergent with water in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture onto mat. Wipe mat with a clean dry towel or cloth.

Option 02 Add 200 mL of white vinegar to a tub of warm water. Mix well. Lay in the mat and soak for 30 minutes. Roll mat in a dry towel to absorb excess water.


To speed up the drying process, place your YOGALOKA mat on a towel and place another towel on top. Press onto the mat to release excess water that might have remained during the cleaning process. When you feel a good amount of water has been released, hang the mat to dry.

The TPE mat is recyclable and photodegradable, so please do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Towel Care

One side is made of fine microfiber cloth, while the other side is made from patented non-toxic foaming technology that is 100% thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material.


Place the microfiber side down on carpeted surfaces and the TPE rubber side down on yoga mats and other types of surfaces. You have the option to lightly spray the microfiber with water to optimize your grip.


Mix a small amount of mild soap or detergent with water. Soak the towel for 5-10 minutes without rubbing. Use a dry cloth to absorb the water. Lay the towel flat to dry and to preserve the TPE shine.

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